Artichoke & Mozzarella

Spinach & Feta

Mushrooms & Eggplant

Fire Roasted Veggies





We at Fotis & Son Imports, Inc. have created a line of all natural “PITZA®”, Pita Bread Crust masterpieces, made with organic tomatoes. And they are simply delicious!

Our PITZAs, can be a good friend whether you’re counting fat grams, or calories. Not only are these PITZAs healthy compare to typical pizza and national brand pizza, but they are made with all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Most important these PITZAs are non GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Nutritionally, our PITZA® has may plusses. You get calcium and protein from the cheese and vitamin A from our organically grown tomatoes. There are studies to suggest that the carotenoid lycopene in pizza’s tomato sauce may lower the risk of prostate cancer.*

So next time your in the freezer section compare our ingredients and Nutritional Facts to the other brands and we're sure you will see the difference. Enjoy trying all 6 varieties of these unique culinary products.


  * This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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